The 1 Minute Read That Will Save You Hours

The 1 Minute Read That Will Save You Hours

You are inundated with tasks.

Whether it’s calling your customers, visiting them, fulfilling their orders, paying your bills, cleaning your house, maintaining your car or cooking – it seems there is not enough time to get it all done.

Well there is one myth that I want to debunk as I find it increasingly redundant – and therefore annoying.

There is no such thing as multitasking!

The better you are at focused single-tasking the more others perceive you as a great multitasker.

And not wanting to deny ourselves a compliment we go with it.

There are countless things going on in your day.

But if you are doing more than one task at a time you are compromising your ability to do all of them well.

I will be honest – I am not very organized.

I use tools to automate processes so that I don’t really have to remember what I have to do.

I manually pay one bill: my rent.

Car payments, phone bills, student loans, everything is automatic.


Cause we are lazy!

And if you don’t take a few hours to call every company and get them to set up autobilling now, you are going to waste tons of time in the future.


I review daily, the day ahead; and weekly, the week ahead.

I frequently look over my calendar to take a glance at my month.

But once it’s time to act and I am on that important phone call, at a sales appointment, or in a meeting I am (or at least strive to be) 110% there – focused.

Because we want to get lots done yes, but we don’t ever want to diminish the quality of work we are completing because we stopped paying attention.

Tree Falling in the Woods

You must let your mind go blank because right now is the most important moment in your life.

You must live and die in the present so that you can grow into the future.

The quality of life you live now dictates the quality of your future.

Ok I will cut the new age references – but the best way to save hours is to act now.

Be present, reliable, and engaged – and you will find you are able to cut inefficiencies and save an incredible amount of time.


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