Reality Check – YOU Are In Sales!

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“I hate sales, it’s not for me,” says the wannabe success story.

Well in the wise words of celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay:

“Get Ye Head Out Ye Ass!”

You my friend are in sales.

It doesn’t matter the profession.

It doesn’t matter the industry.

It doesn’t matter the position.

You are in sales!

Rapport building, persuasion, rejection – are a part of every single job ever.

Even the greatest hooker has to build a little rapport with a wink and a nudge before the deal is essentially sealed.

If you’re a magician you gotta sell me on your trick.

If you’re a poker player you gotta sell your bluff.

If you’re a manager you gotta sell me on your leadership style.

Somewhere along the way, sales and the concept of being a salesperson received a bad reputation and now everyone tries to spin it like they’re doing something better, that they are above it.

I’m an expert. I’m a guru. I’m a coach.

Get over yourself.

Admit you are in sales and you can start to measure the ROI of not being a donkey.

What Sales Is

Sales is more than providing a service for money.

A sale is the ability to sincerely persuade another party that you are worthy of their attention, trust, loyalty, and business.

It is a transaction between two parties which is hopefully designed to be mutually beneficial.

It is to follow through on your promises.

It is answering an email, phone call or text message in a timely fashion.

The cliché says – business isn’t personal.

Well I am here to tell you that business is one of the most PERSONAL experiences in this world.

(I can’t take credit for that line though, it’s all over the internet – I just have no idea who to attribute that quote to.)

A transaction only occurs when trust is built.

And if trust exists, a natural attraction happens between the producer and the consumer that will help them relate on a deeper level.

The Reality Check(list)

My name is Riaz Sidi and I’m in sales.

Ahhh, that felt good.

  • Now better your life now by admitting this to yourself: I am in sales.
  • Find a target with a sincere need for your product or service.
  • Authentically make him, her, or them aware of this problem.
  • Help them to understand the consequence of them not acting on the problem and the ramifications it has on their life or business today, tomorrow or whenever.

And you repeat.

It’s not magic and as mentioned earlier – if it were magic – I’d still have to sell you on it.

It’s not rocket science either, but I gotta ask: would it make selling rockets easier?

Reality Check #2

Sales isn’t easy for anyone because its volatile, unpredictable, and based on emotion.

There’s no luck in sales.

Someone else decided to go for your prospect and raised their game to be able to make it.

Be that person.

Humblize yourself.

Realize we are living in a new economy.

Realize every single profession makes you a salesperson.

And be excited about it.

And most importantly – ask yourself if you are selling yourself, product, service, or expertise effectively OR if you are going about your business hoping for a break or for some miracle to drop from the sky.

Tell me in the comments below – are you selling?

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