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The following posts are designed to help new and experienced sales consultants to SELL!

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Before we get into the nitty-gritty of B2B sales, I want to debunk some sales myths.

Every industry has circumstantial conditions that will make it harder (but not impossible) to sell any given product or service.

In some industries it will be delivery or processing time, in others it may be the technology or the effectiveness of said solution.

Don’t be the person who blames these conditions on your ability to perform.

Although this can happen to sales consultants at any stage of their sales career,

the moment you blame circumstances outside of your control

 for your inability to sell

you are setting yourself up for disaster.

The truth: YOU control the quality of your leads, the quality of your communication, and the quality of your customer service.

So before you read anything else on this site, have an open-mind and find out:

Why the Best Salespeople Can Sell Anything

 How to Sell Business to Business

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