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The Art of Acknowledgement

You are busy. You have what feels like a million action items on your plate. But there is one simple way in which I continue to see successful people grow. And it is the most important part of communication: ACKNOWLEDGEMENT. Why It's Necessary I have a friend who recently told me about a story at work where there was an…

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Did You Really Lose The Sale?

It can be the most frustrating experience in sales. You did your research. You had a great sales call with a solid presentation. And you shook hands with your new client on the premise that you will be doing business together. And then… (no and then!) Next, you reach out to your brand new client with a follow up email…

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The Right Way To Tell Your Client They Are Wrong

It is easy to be honest about good news that will benefit your clients. But in B2B sales, it will take you gumption and a vested interest in the success of your customer's business to address issues that your client may not know are a problem. Even worse they may think they are doing what is best for their business…

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