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My 6 Week Marketing Internship

Now that I am coming up on the last week of my placement, I would like to share with you the experience that I have had working side by side with Riaz. I am going to talk about what I have learned about the industry and what I enjoyed. My Experience With Riaz My experience working with Riaz for the…

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How To Stay Organized As A Marketing Intern

As marketers, we tend to lose track of what is happening around us when life starts to get busy. I am going to give you some guidance on how you can keep track of your work and some tips that I find very useful. Stay Organized With Your Work As interns, we get caught up with all the learning that…

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Why I Chose Marketing – And Why You Should Too!

As high school students we ask ourselves: “what the %$@# am I going to do once I’m done?” For me, it was following an interest to become a health care professional such as a paramedic. But I quickly realized I have a very low tolerance for anything blood or injury related. I was back at square one, wondering what I should…

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